Antistress recipe: little exercise to regain your inner strength

Per portion


5 mins


  • 5 minutes time


Do this short exercise in your everyday life whenever you feel the need.















Take a standing upright position.

Close your eyes and feel the contact of your feet with the ground.

Imagine an invisible wire that gently pulls your head up so your spine can line up straight.

Take a few deep breaths and become aware of your upright position: firmly anchored with the ground and stable.

Focus on your head. Make a face, tense all the muscles on your face and relax. Be aware of your head which is more relaxed now.

Pull the chin down, short tension, and release. The area of your neck loosens.

Hands on the lower back and on the upper gluteal muscles. Pull your elbows backwards, short tension and relax.

Tuck your belly in, and relax again

Squeeze the gluteal muscles and relax again.

Take a few breaths. Take a deep breath and stretch your arms above your head.

Hold your breath and make yourself as big as possible.

Exhale and gently lower the hands that come to settle on your navelarea.

Imagine how, with each powerful exhalation, you exhale all the tension you’ve stored in your body. Continue until you feel like your body is completely drained of pressure and tension.

Now imagine how with each inspiration, you inspire strength and self-confidence.

Imagine how each cell in your body is gradually filled with this force.

Open your eyes and start the day.