Relaxation through the activation of the senses

Per portion


10 mins



    Find 5 things that you can see. Try to describe them in your mind (colour, material, peculiarity,…).

    Find 4 things you can feel. Use your sense of touch. Take the nearest object in your hand and feel it (clothes, material of the chair, table legs, pen,…). Mentally describe the feeling in detail.

    Find 3 things you can hear. Be very quiet and concentrate on your hearing. Take your time and wait until you have identified 3 sounds.

    Find 2 things you can smell. Smell something close to you. Again, describe exactly what you smell.

    Find 1 thing you can taste. Drink a sip of water, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, eat an apple or chew a chewing gum. Be attentive to what you taste.