Define your personal goal: eg. losing 5 kgs

Define the steps necessary to get to your goal and be very clear in your formulation:

„I will go for a 10 minutes walk every day after lunch“.

„I will have one piece of fruit per day“ : put a basket with fruit on the counter so you see it everytime you pass the counter and take away the biscuits and chocolates (out of seight).

Everytime you fullfill your goal to put 2€ in a jar and you will use that money to buy someting you always fancied.

Chose a co-contracter and define his role : eg. „I will send my bodyweight to my friend … on every Tuesday morning“

Define a consquence if non respect of the rules: eg. „If I fail my walks or fruit eating (or any other goal you defined), I will pay him an entrance to the sauna“.

Don’t forget to sign the contract.